I first saw Dr. Crunk after I had pulled a muscle in my back doing plyometric hurdle drills.  I was preparing to run the 1500 meters at the USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships held in Eugene, OR that was less than two weeks away.  When I showed up (for therapy) I could hardly walk, was forced to hunch while painfully standing, and my spine was curved in an unnatural position.  Dr. Crunk spent over an hour with me, analyzing not just my back, but the root of the problem before conducting a comprehensive treatment session involving dry needling the injured section of my back.  Within 24 hours of the appointment I went from being unable to walk to running 6 miles with hardly a blip in my training for the impending championships.  I returned for two more sessions, both of which Dr. Crunk worked with extreme care to improve the condition of my back, as well as to prevent any future setbacks.  As a sub-4-minute miler and qualifier of the 2016 Olympic Trials, I would recommend Dr. Crunk to anyone from hobby jogger to elite athletes.  His knowledge of human anatomy paired with his wide range of techniques in dealing with client's and general care for his patients is unmatched in the Greenville area and I can more than vouch for his treatment.

Isaac P.

Going into the off season, I had many priorities and big races to compete in this year, but April 17th has always been at the top of the list. Coming to the sport a little late, I never expected to have the opportunity to race a Pro Crit National Championship event, much less one being hosted in my hometown. The 6 long weeks trying to figure this knee problem put numerous doubts and concerns in my mind that racing this event was even possible, and at times, tested my motivation to even keep racing this year...I was at least able to compete yesterday off what limited training I was able to squeeze in this month. Although there was some serious pain involved, none of it came from my knee! I far exceeded my expectations and was just happy to be in that race.

 Thanks again for all your professional and friendly help --  Ya’ll rock!!

Justin M.

Dr. Crunk relieved all pain in my shoulders when I thought surgery would be the only option.  His philosophy is therapy first and hopefully avoid surgery.  I high recommend Dr. Crunk since he cured my shoulders but also treated a hip problem with relief.  Thanks Tim--you are a miracle worker.

James C.

Professional therapy expertise.  Very impressed and satisfied with care given.  I have already recommended Crunk Physical therapy to my friends and associates.

Robert C.

I am a healthy, active 60+ year old.  Sometimes I overdo it and my body gets out of alignment and hurts.  I reach for the phone instead of the bottle of Motrin.  Dr. Crunk is very skilled at diagnosing what needs to be fixed and he straightens me out.  He also gives me exercises to strengthen weak spots in my body and teaches me proper body mechanics.  He fixes the cause of the pain, and doesn't just treat the symptoms.  Greenville is lucky to have such a skilled, caring physical therapist.

Anne K.

No physical therapist had ever examined and evaluated the problem before for me.  I had chronic shoulder problems for two years.  Dr. Crunk helped me and gave me good advice and exercises to follow.

Mrs. J.

Dr. Crunk is an excellent physical therapist.  He is very knowledgeable and well educated.  I would highly recommend him to others.

Jennifer M.