How is Crunk Physical Therapy different?

Crunk Physical Therapy specializes in orthopaedic manual physical therapy (OMPT) integrated with therapeutic exercise, back education training, etc.  OMPT is a hands-on approach to treatment that focuses on restoring and optimizing movement and function.  Our goal is to locate and treat the source of your pain and problem rather than just focus on improving your symptoms.  One-on-one treatment sessions are essential for focused and detailed treatment for your specific diagnosis.  In particular, our  time is not divided among several patients at once, but one-on-one treatment allowing them to focus on your treatment session.

Can I choose where I want to go for therapy?

Yes, you have the right to choose your physical therapist.  Your physician may give you therapy options, but the decision as to where to seek treatment is ultimately yours.

Is my physical therapist licensed?

All physical therapists are required to be licensed in the state of South Carolina.   In addition, they are required to obtain a certain number of continuing education hours per year to retain their license.  Please see Dr. Crunk's bio for more information.

What conditions/injuries do you treat?

Please see our list of conditions by clicking here.  The provided list is not exhaustive.  When in doubt please call our office about your particular condition.

What should I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit you can expect a thorough clinical examination to identify your source of pain and dysfunction.  This is contrasted with many traditional examinations, which focus on the symptom only without seeking to determine the cause of the symptoms.  You will be asked to explain your pain and symptoms in detail to further the therapists’ understanding and aid in their course of examination and treatment.  After obtaining all your information/history the therapist will then proceed with a full biomechanical examination.  A full explanation of their findings as well as expected course of treatment and prognosis will be described.  The initial exam will be approximately 45 minutes in length.

What should I wear to therapy?

Please wear clothing that allows freedom of movement, ie. sweat pants, shorts, sports bra (females).  Your therapist may also ask you to change into a gown for treatment based on your diagnosis and treatment needs. 

How long will my visits last?

On average your initial evaluation  and subsequent treatment sessions will last approximately 45 minutes.

What will be the frequency and duration of my treatment?

Frequency and duration of treatment sessions varies based on diagnosis.  Based on your initial examination findings, your therapist will determine and communicate your best course of treatment.

Will I have to do exercises at home?

In most cases, part of a thorough treatment regime involves exercises.  Your therapist will recommend appropriate exercises during your treatment sessions and instruct you in proper technique for completing these exercises at home.  Compliance with a home exercise program is important to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment and recovery.