Mentor program

Crunk Physical Therapy, PC believes that one-on-one clinical mentorship is the most effective method of developing, refining, reinforcing and assessing advanced manual therapy clinical skills. 

The CFMT Residency provides an intensely mentored 12-36 month residential clinical Residency in orthopaedic functional manual therapy™for motivated physical therapists. The CFMT Residency couples classroom education with concentrated one-on-one training to ensure that the resident develops the reasoning and manual skills necessary to effectively manage all areas of patient care described within the APTA Orthopaedic Description of Specialty Practice.

The overall performance objective of the CFMT Residency is to accelerate and refine the resident's skills in patient evaluation, patient treatment, problem solving, and clinical reasoning, with a focus on the functional manual therapy™approach.  This results in a master clinician who demonstrates superior clinical skills and advanced knowledge in orthopedic functional manual therapy™, and who is able to effectively serve as care providers, consultants, ambassadors, and educators of their peers, patients, medical professionals, and community.

Residencies vary in length and are based on the needs and goals of the therapist but usually range between 12-36 months.

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